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Ashes to Ashes: Series 2 Original Soundtrack is an album released on 20 April 2009 featuring songs from series two of Ashes to Ashes as well as dialogues, instrumental songs and the title music (which had been renewed for the series). It is the second television soundtrack following Ashes to Ashes: Original Soundtrack. The record label of this soundtrack is owned by Sony Music (compared to the previous soundtrack, which was owned by Sony BMG). The soundtrack features more popular songs of the early 1980s (mostly 1982).

Track ListingEdit

Track number Track name Episode(s) featured Track length
1 Queen & David Bowie -
Under Pressure
TBA 4:04
2 Dialogue:
"Alex Drake"
All episodes (altered for series 3) 0:14
3 Edmund Butt -
Opening Titles
Series 2 onwards 0:53
4 Duran Duran -
Planet Earth
TBA 3:55
5 Phil Collins -
In the Air Tonight
Series 3: Episode 8 5:28
6 The Specials -
Rat Race
TBA 3:08
7 Dialogue: "Vindaloo" TBA 0:16
8 The Human League -
Mirror Man
TBA 3:47
9 ABC -
The Look of Love
Series 2: Episode 1 3:28
10 Odyssey -
Going Back to My Roots
TBA 5:24
11 Dialogue:
"The Strangest Day"
TBA 0:47
12 Edmund Butt -
Gene Genie
(Gene Hunt's Theme)
TBA 1:21
13 The Jam -
Funeral Pyre
TBA 3:28
14 New Order -
TBA 5:22
15 Fun Boy Three -
The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum)
Series 2: Episode 1 3:13
16 Echo and The Bunnymen -
Back of Love
TBA 3:08
17 A Flock of Seagulls -
Wishing (If I had a Photograph of You)
TBA 4:09
18 Haircut 100 -
Love Plus One
TBA 3:32
19 Dialogue: "Felicity Kendal" TBA 0:28

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