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Ho ho ho, coppers, you’ll never catch me, you are too stuped. Go to the Deluxe IM Hotel and see if you can stop me doing a MURDER next week, on NEW YEAR’S EVE!!! You won’t stop me, ha ha ha, and I will be laffing to see you try, you wazzocks!! Signed — The Scorpion.
— The Christmas card sent to A Division from The Scorpion.

On Christmas Eve, 1973, Gene Hunt and A Division of the Manchester and Salford Police received a threatening Christmas card from someone using the alias of "the Scorpion", warning that they would commit a murder on New Year's Eve during the Miss Manchester & Salford beauty pageant at the Deluxe Imperial Hotel. On the front was a snowman with the graffiti of a face of agony and a butcher knife in its chest.

The card connects to "The Scorpion Sting".

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