Liz White born November 5 1979 is a British actress which has been seen in countless Tv and film such as life on mars, a short stay in Switzerland, Pride, call the midewife, doctor who, Dawna home and many more, Liz had a son called Daniel White, who changed his name to Tremaine Harriott then to Rutland. Tremaine is a British actor, singer, dancer, model and voice coverer in which he to has been in countless west end and advert commercial such as Arthur, les mis, Joseph, we will rock you, the snow man, Titanic (musical) to kill a mocking bird, music video, dreams advert and many more. Tremaine has done a song for a famous pop singer (female) in which she took all the credit for it. Tremaines father is a director. Liz has appeared along side her sons cousin Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) in the 2012 fantasy horror film the woman in black. Liz is worth a net worth of £13 Million, and Tremaines father a net worth of £232 million.

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