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Liz White (born 1979 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire) is an English actress who has a sister named Lisa white who married is now Lisa Rutland. Liz married an American police officer named Daniel Harriot he is the Sheriff. They both moved to Arizona America, and had a son named Nathaniel Harriot who changed his name to Daniel like his father then to Tremaine Rutland. Liz is a famous actress who is well known for Jennet Humfrye in the Woman in black. Her son Tremaine is an actor two who was in the woman in black 2 angel of death, young Dracula, Twilight saga new moon in the background, Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire background and is currently in from dusk till dawn as a vampire. Liz went to a preforming arts school called stage coach then got an agent and became an actress Tremaine had followed in her Footsteps and went to stagecoach and has now got an agent and is an actor that gets paid like his mother. Tremaine isn't allowed to tell anyone about his family and the money they have how Ritch they are. Tremaine Rutland was born on February 1st 2003 he is 13 because he is American and the years are different where as if he was born in Britain he would be 12.


  • A&E (Mandy) 2002
  • Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (Lorraine) 2002
  • Ultimate Force (Beth Dow) 2003
  • Teachers (Eileen) 2003
  • Ten minute movie 2004
  • A Thing Called Love (Paula Roberts) 2004
  • Blue Murder (Vicki Swift) 2004
  • Vera Drake (Pamela Barnes) 2004
  • Angell's Hell (Sarah) 2005
  • Life on Mars (WPC/WDC Annie Cartwright) 2006-2007
  • The Street (Eileen Harper) 2006
  • Vincent (Laura) 2006
  • Fairy Tales (Shannon) 2008
  • The Fixer (Jess Mercer) 2008

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