In Life on Mars (UK) and Ashes to Ashes, several police ranks exist among the various characters, which distinguish them by authority and position in the chain of command.

List of Police ranksEdit

Abbreviation Rank Characters of rank
DCC Deputy Chief Constable Glen Fletcher (2006)
DSI Detective Superintendent Harry Woolf
Charles Mackintosh
DCI Detective Chief Inspector Gene Hunt
Sam Tyler (2006)
Jim Keats
Frank Morgan
DI Detective Inspector Sam Tyler (1973)
Alex Drake
Ray Carling (1982-1983)
Gene Hunt (under DCI Harry Woolf)
DS Detective Sergeant Ray Carling (1973-1982)
DC Detective Constable Chris Skelton
Ray Carling (1973 demoted temporarily)
Glen Fletcher (1973)
PC Police Constable Gene Hunt (1953)
Morrison (1953)
Martin Summers (1982)
WPC Woman Police Constable Annie Cartwright
Sharon Granger
Phyllis Dobbs
WDC Woman Detective Constable Annie Cartwright (1973 onwards)
Sharon Granger (1983)
Sgt (Desk) Sergeant Viv James
Phyllis Dobbs

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