The clown
The Clown of Death
Series: Ashes to Ashes
Aliases: The Angel of Death[1]
Tim Price
Actor: Andrew Clover

The Clown (also known as The Clown of Death and The Angel of Death according to the blog of Andrew Clover) is a minor fictional character of BBC One's science fiction/police procedural drama, Ashes to Ashes. The character is portrayed by Andrew Glover who also portrayed Tim Price.



The Clown was a personification of death in Gene Hunt's World based on the pierrot clown from the Ashes to Ashes music video. He would appear to people who faced death including Alex Drake who was haunted by the clown in 1981 and Sharon Granger who had been stabbed.


It is possible that the clown had always existed in Gene Hunt's World but it is also possible that Tim Price, the father of Alex Drake, became the clown following his death in a car bomb. we know this because just before the car bomb explode at the end of series 1 Tim Price is revealed to be the clown after he melts into the costume. (A2A Series 1: Episode 8)


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